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Hellfire Tactics

A competitive multiplayer autobattler strategy game.
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30+ Archdemons

Choose your Archdemon wisely, with each one changing the game in their own unique way.

Positioning Matters

Your Board, Your Rules. With automated combat, positioning is everything and youre in full control.

Unit Bans

No game is the same! Every match random Units are banned to ensure new strategies are required.

Get a Headstart with the Recruit Bundle

1200 Gems, 2 Archdemons, Cosmetics and Exclusive Titles!

Launch Trailer

Get a first look at the deep strategic gameplay of Hellfire Tactics

Dynamic board links lead to difficult positioning puzzles that can make or break your build

Powerful Artifacts allow you to completely change the game and your Armies power

Shared Unit Pools mean you have to know your enemy and plan around them